Seven Cooperative Principles

GVEA’s Rural Utility Services Form 7 – this is the essential financial data for GVEA, reported monthly, often in the Member Book. The end of year report is the most informative, a good window in GVEA. Here are a few select years, please don’t go blind trying to read them. The board gets hazard pay when we dive in (joking). 2017 2016 2015 2014 2013 2012 2011 2010 2007

GVEA’s IRS Form 990 – see top right – this is the annual tax form for non-profits. Pretty interesting as one reads through it. This page also shows the annual report.

GVEA Bylaws and Articles of Incorporation

On Transparency – Gary Newman to GVEA Board of Directors Feb. 2012

Presentation on GVEA’s Eva Creek Wind Farm Feb. 2014

Presentation – update on GVEA activities by Mike Wright, VP Transmission & Distribution before the Fairbanks Economic Development Corp. May 19, 2015

GVEA’s contracted Energy Sense Review by the Cold Climate Housing Research Center Jan. 2014. The general direction of GVEA since is a program education only, but at the same time, has the Membership Advisory Committee studying an appliance rebate program. (April 2015).

GVEA 2008 Elec System Rate Study Final Report, by R.W. Beck, now with a different name. Whenever a substantive change in the utility’s cost are involved, a rate study would be required before changing the tariff. GVEA completed a rate study, to be effective with the restart of Healy 2 . The rates were established and extensive background is available on the Regulatory Commission of Alaska’s website under U-17-007 – see Documents tab.

Lots more discussion of issues through June 2015 at but it won’t be updated as long as I serve on the GVEA Board of Directors.

GVEA’s official website