This is a remnant of an older webpage of mine that had some of my favorite links. It was last updated in 2002, much has likely changed. I will be going through them to find the dead ones and update where I find it useful, interesting or fun.

Some Normal Interesting Links

  • The Unofficial Chena Hot Springs Road Construction Page. Here’s an idea of what I think ought to be available from the project people on public highway projects. My efforts were totally volunteer for the last two years of this project. Since this time, DOT has done a lot better job and asked their contractors to do the same.
  • Avril Poisson (April Fools) Society West Ridge Development Plan at the University of Alaska Campus – 2003. It’s a Powerpoint file, so right-click and “Save Link As”.
  • KUAC Radio and TV
    – our Fairbanks PBS affiliate and a fine one they are! They spend a lot of programming time Saturday doing folk music – right on!

  • On Line Highway is a good way to find out travel info for the country, including Alaska.
  • is a more recent addition
  • NOAA’s current weather satellite view of Alaska and the Pacific Northwest – GOES-10 infra-red satellite.
  • Or perhaps you prefer the Astronomical Image of the Day – while it hasn’t been updated since 1999, it’s still got some great photos.
  • There is also Fourmilabs’ Earth-Moon viewer, a cool idea implemented.
  • If you are comfortable buying all kinds of things off the web from Amazon, you can help support this website by going to their website from this link. Some might consider Amazon part of the evil empire, but I respect them for respecting the state of Alaska is part of the U.S. with free shipping on many items.
  • The Fairbanks Shakespeare Theatre – a tour de force by folks who basically live in a Shakespearean commune all summer to put on an outdoors play every year here in Fairbanks. Winter activities as well, such as the Bard-A-Thon, reading all of the plays and sonnets over the space of a week – 24 hours a day.
  • The Fairbanks Jewish Congregation maintains a simple website. Yes, we are even in Fairbanks, Alaska. Oy.

The Other Interesting Links

The Mammal Collection


A dormant interest of mine gets rejuvenated every so often.

The Aurora Borealis

Various aurora links, this is Alaska after all.