Alaska governor Sarah Palin as McCain’s V.P. candidate — 1 Comment

  1. I’ve received some email reactions that I’ll excerpt here:

    “Thanks for the Alaskan perspective, sounds like a more interesting 2 months of campaigning ahead. We certainly enjoyed watching the Dem Convention this week on PBS. Lets hope Barack can pull it off, or this country is gong to be in a world of hurt, and the world is going to know how stupid Americans are.”

    “Down here in Idaho we were all wondering what Alaskans thought of her. Folks have been asking me what I know which was very little other than she entered the governorship with very little political experience. Being as she was born right here in Sandpoint (left when she was three months old when her parents moved to Alaska) it strikes us close to home. Sarah Palin later went North Idaho College in Coeur d’Alene before she transferred to the University of Idaho.”

    “Our household is pretty ticked-off on Republican spin, and the Obama ticket already has our full support. We side with many Alaskans in dreading that ANWR becomes transformed into another PG&E. We mourn the loss of the pioneer spirit. Now that everything is corporate or government “property” getting back to nature is too often a Ticketron® excursion, rather than following one’s heart. Alas, there is no place to hunt and cook your kill in Frontierland, so we might as well hop the monorail to another fantasy venue.

    Yes, Palin pales in the shadow of Hillary as a woman who can blaze a trail for other women, let alone the entire country. I dare to compare Palin with Ronald Reagan. Having all the substance of a cartoon character, he got his way with charm and good looks. However, voting at the box office must be valid. After all, it’s championed by the same media that provides us most of our political commentary. And it’s supported by powerful statistics, just like the ones the good old boys at the corporations use. Is your head spinning yet?”

    “I heard that Sarah turned McCain down twice. The third time, she assented”

    [ed. It would be good to have confirmation of the above.]

    “Sketched against the background of the last appalling eight years in our country I see the situation differently however.

    Palin is an NRA member; she is anti-abortion; she supports the Iraq war and she is an ally of Bush and Chaney, which makes her complicit by association in lying to the American people along with massive violations of the American constitution, torture, murder and other crimes against humanity.

    In other words she is in league with the devil.”

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