GVEA G&T finally has bylaws – the Days of Their Lives — 2 Comments

  1. I went to the GVEA site to download the recording of the meeting, saw the humongous size of the file (197 MB) and immediately wrote an e-mail saying that the file should be broken up into smaller chunks. Whoever answered me (I forget who it was) said that it wasn’t a problem, one could start viewing it before it was fully loaded.

    I gave up. This kind of obtuseness is the worst sort of blind computer geekheadedness. I mean, what if I don’t WANT to have to view the whole damn thing and would like to only look at one part? Or if I don’t want to take two hours to download the stupid thing? Haven’t got a choice, have I?

  2. Why not have them burn it to a CD and send it to you? I did download and watch it and you sounded and looked fine (:-)

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