How to get the U.S. out of Iraq — 1 Comment

  1. The purpose of the United Nations is to provide a way to avoid war. That is the whole reason it was founded. A legitimate vehicle to prevent debacles like the World Wars, before they get so huge, to prevent the conditions that require war. This means that issues related to the causes of war, such as famine, resource shortages, disease, poverty, ignorance, overpopulation, injustice, etc., all come under its purview. Prevention is vital, but once you need the cure, you’ve got to deal with that, too. But somehow, the UN is seen as a threat to the US, not a help. Tells you where the US is on the justice scale, if you ask me–or perhaps it’s just got a short-range vision problem.

    We need to fund the UN properly, pay up on our dues, and quit with the empire stuff.

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