A component of the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law that Congress passed last year, $42.5 billion was set aside to help Americans lacking functional internet get it. Functional broadband internet is recognized as a requirement to be part of today’s society. The federal funding offers Americans a generational opportunity to provide this.

In order to determine the need, the Federal Communications Commission was directed to create a map of the entire country showing every location, whether it had internet available and at what level provided by what company. This map is now available for review and correction by states, industry, and individuals.

We know that there are many missing addresses, locations and incorrect information on what services and availability at many locations in our area. The opportunity to correct that information is now with a deadline of Jan. 13, 2023.



Please take the time to look at your own location, add it if not listed, and correct (challenge) any availability data shown that is NOT correct.

The FCC has a couple of help pages to hopefully will answer questions about this process.