I had considered buying Twitter and shutting down @realDTrump, but it’s been insanely (and worryingly) entertaining. Plus, I don’t want to spend down all my retirement. Other than starting major wars thru bumbling incompetence and selecting a true Cabinet of … Continue reading

Viral blog on Palin

Someone knows how to get the blogosphere attention without even trying – Anne Kilkenny I found the above and some other links at: One of the retrospective views I’ve heard, through the New Republic, is that McCain’s campaign … Continue reading


Well, our governor Sarah delivered her acceptance speech with a fine delivery. The speech, like other speeches, was meant to accomplish a number of thing: 1. Show Palin as not light-weight. 2. Show Palin with executive experience 3. Show Palin … Continue reading

Oh My God

It’s been acknowledged by the McCain/Palin campaign that Sarah Palin’s 17 year old daughter Bristol is pregnant out of wedlock. Now personally, it’s none of my affair. Bristol wasn’t elected to or is running for office, but it does reflect … Continue reading