Yet another convert

Interesting that not all Republicans are knee-jerk climate deniers or willing to be silent. Bush Administration Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson appears to recognize a need for some effective action and for the U.S. to show some serious commitment. Even if … Continue reading


Consolidation of blogs

I’ve now consolidated and to this site. The theme was Comity and Common Sense, an Alaskan’s View on our world For GVEA related posts after Nov. 2006, see


There doesn’t seem to be much sense in the world these days.   Trying to do the right thing is either barking up a tree or gets one into trouble in the line of ‘no good deeds go unpunished’.   Middle East-Africa … Continue reading

Recent past

I’ve been revisiting some now seemingly old links from the 2008 election. Folks will likely remember the Paris Hilton response ad to McCain comparing Obama to her. Paris announces her energy policy as presidential candidate. Some folks might not have … Continue reading